Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of eye problems to prevent unnecessary blindness and to stop disabilities due to preventable and correctable eye diseases.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become dependable and accountable one stop eye center for all works of life in our community.


We are a progressive eye clinic

At A Hla Thit Eye care and Eye ware center, we do Eye checkup and treat eye diseases.

We provide:

  • Correctable glasses for near and far sightedness.
  • Sunglasses to prevent eye from unwanted heat and UV rays.
  • Contact lenses for those who needed.
  • Fashion eye wears to promote glass wearing habit for those who are shy to use.

We also believe that everyone should have a regular eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist. While getting a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses is a main portion of the eye exam, a lot more is involved in a comprehensive annual eye exam.

Progressive Eye Clinic

Future Of Ophthalmology

Consult our doctors

Select the doctor you prefer and book a visit with him or her in a matter of minutes.

Professional Team

Your prescription order will be 100% accurate since our staffs are well trained.

Modern Optical Devices

Choose from variety of eyewear such as different type of glasses and contact lens.